Ron Cone

I was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas, but my family moved to California shortly thereafter. We settled in Modesto in the mid 1940’s when it was a town of approximately 17,000. I lived there most of my life. It’s changed a bit since the 40’s!

I was raised in a Christian home, full of love. As a young man, I accepted Christ as my savior. I haven’t always been the man I believe God wants me to be, but I’ve learned with time and growth that He has always been with me.

I married my first sweet wife, Judy, when I was 21 years old. We had a son and daughter and now I have five amazing Grands. Judy passed away a few years back …and in my family we prefer to call it “graduation”.

A couple of years later, God allowed me to marry another amazing, sweet woman…also named Judy. Yes, I’m blessed. This is how I landed in Groveland.

Judy and I knew immediately that we wanted to make Groveland Evangelical Free Church our church home. Since becoming a member, I’ve been honored to serve on the Transition Team (after our pastor retired) and then I served on the Pastoral Search Team. Now, as unworthy as I may be, I’ve been asked to be an elder of this wonderful family.

May God bless our church and this community…through ALL of us!