Steve Morton

As a true California native, I was born in San Francisco in 1955 and grew up in San Bruno, Stockton, and the South Bay. I was raised in a Christian home and from as young as I can remember, I believed in God and His Son, Jesus Christ. But at 18, while serving in the United States Army, I came face to face with God’s Son, when I came to understand the difference between “believing” in Jesus and “receiving” Him. So, in the summer of 1973, I asked Christ into my heart as my personal Savior and Lord.

A year later, I met the love of my life, my soul mate and my best friend, Julie. We were married 4 years later in 1976. We were blessed with our son, Michael.

As a guitar player and singer, music has always been a huge part of my Christian life. God has given me the heart and the opportunities for Music Ministry. I’ve lead worship at various churches in the Bay Area and now lead here at Groveland EV Free.

We moved to this beautiful mountain community in November of 2021, and we officially joined this fellowship, just a few months later. From the very beginning, we knew Groveland EV Free was our home.

I am honored to be a part of the Worship Team here, as well as being part of the leadership. I was asked to serve this congregation as an Elder in 2023. I have an incredibly deep love for our church and its congregation, and I look forward to serving you for many years to come.